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Capturing moments with DIY..

You can put photo's of yourself, relatives or even your baby. {i think i'm probably going to make 2 or more of this.. one for Baby Y and one for myself with baby Y photos} All thanks to wonderful In Between Laundry who came up with this brilliant idea. Steps are so easily illustrated that you can even make it with your eyes closed {hahahha.. i'm totally exaggerating but you know what i mean} Want more easy DIY fun ideas click here !

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blog stalking fabulous finds

{Hubster bday card} I’ve been in touch with my creative side ever since i was a child and the creative hype intensifies when i was preggers. Now it seems to have intensifies x 5 {i’m not kidding}. It was during my post-pregnancy that i discovered the wonders of stalking creative bloggers. I was {and still…

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i heart my hands.

I am rather good with my hands. I think i have some sort of hidden talent for anything handmade. Check out the final outcome of my month one baby album! YES I made from scratch!!!! That’s the front cover! Moving along…. Page1 So it’s a girl and mommy (me obviously) can’t get enough of carrying her!!…

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