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Happy Treats for Mochi

It’s finally the holidays and despite being silly with my kids, read, colour and mess up the house… We decided to whip up our imagination and make something for the youngest member also known as our little fur kid.. What makes the fur kid happy… Treats, Treats and MORE Treats.. so i guess it was…

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Bake your Momma Some Scones

Mother’s day is around the corner and nothing beats baking your Momma something special. For me it’s another story, for Mother’s day i like to make things for my children and love ones. Here, i’m sharing my version of to die for Mother’s Day Scone Recipe with all. I have always loved scones. It’s crumbly…

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Sip My Jus

Have you ever tried to detox? Was it ever successful? About 2 weeks ago, i was invited to participate to try a detox program which is known as Sip My Jus. The company, established back in 2014 ( with a UK flair )Β provides opportunity to experience a juice detoxing and cleansing plan for those who…

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