chasing time…


These days i have been rather busy simply because i have been chasing time

The picture above probably doesn’t justify it, thats because thats me taking a 2 min break just before i head out to pick the kids up yesterday afternoon. 😛

I started this year with a new resolution with the mission to learn something new. With that in mind, i decided to take up a language class ~ Japanese Language. To be truthfully honest, i was inspired by my husband and close friends around me who constantly converse in Japanese while i play the guessing game in self translating those sentences and pretending that i think i kinda get the conversation. I envied them that they converse the language so easily and well. Hence, i decided to take up the challenge and gave myself a mission to be able to read and converse in Japanese before my next trip to Japan.


*here’s me graduating my beginners 1*

14 weeks down the road~ things are getting tougher and i am being challenged after each lesson. YET~ I love my classes and i have an amazing sensei (my teacher) that has amazing patience towards his students. Much thanks to my post pregnancy brain from my 2 pregnancies, somehow my memory/alertness has been compromised quite a fair bit. 😦 However, i am truly glad to say that i am confident and thankful to have such amazingly patient sensei to guide and teach me the language even though i am struggling at times.


*my sensei and fellow supportive classmates*

Besides constantly doing revision, homework, translation and more reading… I started on the BBG (Body Bikini Guide) Programme. If you haven’t already heard about it.. you should indeed google it up and get yourself a copy to try it! Alternatively, you can always download it from the App Store (Sweat with Kayla). The programme although takes 28 minutes to workout at the comfort of my own home, i am so exhausted after one session of workout. Mind you, it is actually almost a daily affair kinda lifestyle. Monday to Saturday consists of a variation of workouts from using your own body weight to improving your strength and endurance. Sunday is however the NO WORKOUT DAY.

image image image image image

Having a new lifestyle and mission to achieve THE TO DIE FOR BIKINI BODY, i started watching my food and consuming minimal carbs (mostly consuming carbs ONLY in the mornings and/or afternoons) and loading my body with clean, healthy, nutritional food. My choices mostly includes protein (chicken, fish, meat, and seafood). I don’t count my calories but i practice the simple belief of…

Carbs = Energy / Fats (if not burn)

Protein = Muscle

Moving on, I have been rather overwhelmed with work as well. I am thankful that to have known many wonderful people and readers who constantly shares and support my work here. I love this world. The fact that i am able to share my thoughts and reviews. Life as a momma blogger is truly a blessing thanks to all of you. I have many product reviews lined up and i am dying to share them all! 🙂 Below are some of my personal reviews if you haven’t already read about it…

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Kids. My kids. My husband. My fur baby. My family are my everything. Being a momma is a 24/7 role and sometimes there are those days whereby the kids are simply unwell and no medicine or comforting words will work to cheer them up BUT their momma (NOT EVEN THEIR DADDY)! AND the past couple of weeks, my children has been rather unwell thanks to the unpredictable weather and haze. My husband and i share an amazing bond, a bond that i don’t see my own parents have. AND i am truly bless and thankful to have such a wonderful, understanding, patient, supportive husband in my life. ALSO, my adopted fur kid contributes in making my life a little more balance. I swear, its something about stroking and grooming her that is really therapeutic to me. *I actually enjoy it so much that i groom her twice a day* 





While i juggle my roles of being a momma, a blogger, a student, a wife, and going through a healthier lifestyle change i am simply chasing time thanks to all the goodness and positive vibes that is happening around me. I believe in balance and i try my very best to practice the essence of having a balance lifestyle in everything i do. While counting my blessings in my achievements thus far, i believe there would be many more to come throughout this wonderful year ahead. Much thanks once again to my wonderful readers, clients, friends and supporters whom constantly visit my blog, leave comments and send me personal emails. Much love to all~  🙂


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