Month: April 2016

Melvita Nectar de Miels Review

A couple weeks back i was invited to attend an eventΒ introducing Melvita’s secret garden for theΒ latest launch of the rangeΒ  Nectar De Miels.Β  The event was educational yet inspiring as it was conducted with the mission to save the earth incorporating it along with Earth Month! The launch of Nectar De Miels, the New Body…

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Bake your Momma Some Scones

Mother’s day is around the corner and nothing beats baking your Momma something special. For me it’s another story, for Mother’s day i like to make things for my children and love ones. Here, i’m sharing my version of to die for Mother’s Day Scone Recipe with all. I have always loved scones. It’s crumbly…

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A Mothers Post – Thankyou!

Being a mom can sometimes be tough. It gets even tougher when both children are sick. Since late last week my children were unfortunate to have caught a horrible inflammation on their throat. One thing lead to another and i had my fair share of cries, whines, tantrums, fights, fever, coughs, cold and exhaustion. Visitation…

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