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Are you the kind of person who loves to buy little gifts for your love ones to show you care? Do you find cute stuff simply irresistible? You are going to love this post!

Recently, i came home with a huge surprise for my daughter.. A basket full of handmade, customised beautifully crafted hair accessories, clips, bookmarks and a variety of humorous yet meaningful cards.


Needless to say~ the little one couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear..


As a mom who also shares a passion for arts and craft, i show much appreciation and love to the work of other crafters. These beautiful pieces are customised pieces from Emma5.


I was completely at awe when i had the opportunity to meet up with the person behind Emma5, Yee Peng. A wonderful wife, a loving mother to her children, yet one of the kindest, honest speaking, sweetest and talented individual i have ever met…. And when asked about her story… this is what she had shared with me..


Her crafty talents are beyond astonishing. Calligraphy and Hand lettering is a talent that requires patience and creativity. She also transform normal looking Fabric Buttons turning them from a simple looking button into something creative, usable and beautiful.

Here are some of her collection she created based on specific themes.

imageimage image

These crafted cards are not just another ordinary card.. it is meaningful with creative hand lettering words that comes with a little gift along with it.


Imagine yourself receiving one of these cards and having use the little bookmark! Its most likely you will be thinking of the person who gave you the card and bookmark each time you look at it.

(meaningful to the max!…something you can use as well as keep as a meaningful reminder that someone actually cares)image

The hair clips and hair ties are made with imported quality materials and design giving you a washable, long lasting yet unique individual pieces.




image image image image image

Here are some of my personal favourites from the card selection i was given…


I Love this Big Time! A fabulous, meaningful and creative card just for Valentines Day…

image image

And for the days when someone you care about is sick.. you have a special card just for that as well..


I had a huge grin on my face.. as i know exactly who i need to give this card to… (my daddy of course!)

I also love these cards with bookmarks.. it simply makes it 10x more personalised and meaningful, wouldn’t you agree?

image image

Would you like to get your hands on one of these special customised pieces for a special occasion? Fear not! It’s possible that it could be done.


Personalised buttons to guests or decoration for that special event.

For further customised specification.. you can contact

Whatsapp : +6012 3963065

Email : emma5button@gmail.com

Website : http://www.emma5.co

Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook : Emma5button

For all my lovely readers~ i am giving out 8 of these random customised pieces (4 accessories + 4 Valentines Day Cards) to 4 Lucky Malaysian Winners.

All you have to do is :

  1. Follow Emma5button in Instagram Emma5button, Facebook Emma5button
  2. Follow MrsandMomma in Instagram (themizzeve) and Facebook Page (mrsandmomma)
  3. Comment below this blog post ‘I LOVE EMMA5’ and your email.

Wishing you all Best of Luck! 🙂 Closing Date 1st February 2016, 12pm. image


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  1. I’m late, I just wanted to say that this is a really great idea!

    Not many people give physical cards nowadays and I think putting in little things like hair bands (practical, yet quirky and fun) would go a long way to bring the novelty factor back. Who doesn’t need hair bands right?

    Well, I don’t but I know my better half has several lying around.

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