Month: October 2010

The Business Of Being Born

Hi everyone~ πŸ˜› I have officially bloated up and look like an elephant. The husband is out of the country and will be back by Monday. Things seems to be great for me even though i’m staying alone with the in laws. My mother in law has been extremely warm taking care of my welfare…

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One Year Anniversary. 10/10/10

It’s been a year already!!! Time flies so quickly in front of our eyes and next year at this very same date, day and time i’ll probably be holding my little daughter while i celebrate my 2nd year anniversary. The husband and i had pre planned to fly out to Thailand, Krabi for our anniversary…

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Power Mom

As i patiently wait till the day i meet my little princess ( 86 more days to go ). I can’t help but to ponder what kind of life i’ll end up living as. What’s going to happen to my life, my career, my dreams. Must i give up all as i enter into motherhood?…

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