2010 – i heart JAPAN Day#6

Day 6 has finally arrived. This means.. it is time for Shopping!!! 🙂

We were still in Gunma having our Onsen moments in the morning. Thanks to me, both the husband and i didn’t exactly get to rest well throughout the whole night. Therefore, we headed out for Onsen as early as 6am. lolx.

Once we headed back to our room… we changed, packed and waited for breakfast to be served.

IMG_1798 IMG_1799


who eats this much in the morning.. omg!

We then headed out and waited for our bus to arrive..


It was freaking cooollddd~

the view looks as though it was snowing the night before.. See for yourself~


Once we reached Tokyo… it was all about shopping and eating.

Food hunting was easy peasy..

Onigiri~ 😛


Caramel Cake.


Cheese Crepe Cake.


It was soooo good!!!


Supper~ we had a Korean Twist~ 😉




Wrapped with lettuce.


It taste as good as it looks. 🙂




More Kimchi.


Then. Strawberry Cream Puff!


AND.. the Original Cream Puff.


I headed back to the hotel totally contented. Who wouldn’t right!!!

I wana go back to dessert land tomorrow. 😛

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  1. After six days, I suddenly realised that 80% of your post content is food lol.

    p.s. Go check out this コンビニ (convenience store) called Happily. It is tailored towards women customers, its very cool, all the low calorie content food, multiple brands of special water, one super cool washroom.

    • Hahahah! Yes Yes. The mission is to eat and eat and eat. ahahhahaha! They have so many cool stores here! Shopping here is just MADDDDNESSS! hahahhahaha.
      Btw, Camera is S90, Canon. 😉

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